Laptop setup

Model: Lenovo X1 Carbon (5th generation)
OS: Dualboot Windows/OpenBSD


I'm using Windows mostly for when I need to use something like MS Office for a Uni class.
It's multimedia performance is also better than OpenBSD's, so I use it for video calls and voice chats, as well as watching videos (though, 9/10 when I watch something it is on my smartphone).

Notable programs+applications:

I make frequent use of Windows Sandbox. I sandbox applications that I'd rather not be running. For instance, Zoom, and Discord. Windows Sandbox allows audio+microphone passthrough, and it works great. I have had mixed results with video/webcam passthrough though. It seems to have stopped working recently.


I was drawn to OpenBSD because of it's good track record for security. However, I do think that is oversold. OpenBSD's approach to security is well.. different to any other OS.
What I'm getting at is that I am aware OpenBSD has security shortcomings, and that their approach to security can be considered odd at times. I use OpenBSD more for the excellent documentation, the simple, readable code, than for the security features.

I use Full-disk encryption via bioctl(8). Supposedly similar to Linux's DM-Crypt with LUKS, which is nice.

Notable programs+applications: