Mobile device setup

Model: Pixel 4a
OS: GrapheneOS


Work profile

I use Shelter to “isolate” my other apps somewhat. Shelter creates a “Work Profile”. Work profiles are a built-in Android feature that allow you to have a separate profile for work-related apps. This is usually managed by your work organisation but Shelter makes one and “manages” it for you. The work profile can be turned off - disabling all the work profile apps with it.
The benefit of a work profile is that it is more accessible than traditional Android user accounts. However, to my knowledge it coexists on the Owner profile - so the encryption keys for the data are the same. This is where a separate user account would come in handy - the seperate user account's data is encrypted with a different key.

Work profile apps:


With the rise of the Coronavirus it's become essential to “check-in” to places. I have put this off for so long, but with an increase in cases of the Delta variant in my neighbourhood I think it's wise for me to be checking into places if I do ever leave the house.
In my opinion, check-in apps should not be a requirement to check in somewhere. Please, just let me check-in online, via a webpage (remember those?). I don't want to install some crappy software written by a technologically-inept and privacy ignorant government on my phone.

So, I install my check-in app in a dedicated user profile. No other apps are installed to this profile. When I need to check-in somewhere:

  1. Switch to the “COVID19” user account from the phone lockscreen
  2. Open the check-in app
  3. Grant temporary camera access to the app
  4. Scan the barcode
  5. Switch back to Owner profile

When the profile is closed all the apps within it are stopped. This ensures the app isn't running in the background.